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Guidelines for Social Distancing and Social Isolation

Dear Patients,

Many people are asking the question of what the difference between the terms Social Distancing and Social Isolation are.

Similarly it is clear that many of you would like clarity on when and how to implement these important steps in protecting and mitigating against the wider spread of COVID-19.

Please view the attached link for a comprehensive, printable flow chart which family members or employers can be directed to also.

https://lookaside.fbsbx.com/file/FINAL – Guidance on Self Isolation and Social Distancing for COVID 19.pdf?token=AWwcb3numyy4SokMq-8OgHrq615P0VjyyTt70S4sxsCghyHyKV5Y4v2I1eeFbSzJyDZJz6ehPUBdm2Uzc7oY_RArnFzmCvDBhfw9-9bcqpUr4_31TsvvDUs-kNqig_8zVZU0uT0t3cUURyTTFz9PgBdp8DqFLR8AxMUOiRBcaZyPOO0nOUljypggnGrSC92oBl7acvsr11dgBKwZmqyXaF5q