NHS Friends and Family Results for November 2022 – January 2023

Dear Patients,

At Eldene Surgery we are focused on providing the best patient care possible for our community.

I have collated our recent Friends and Family satisfaction responses which Have shown an overwhelmingly positive response with 90%+ of responses being either Very Good or Good.

Since November 2022 we have received 22 patient responses rating their overall patient experience at Eldene Surgery. Possible responses are Very Good, Good, Neither Good Nor Poor, Poor, Very Poor or Don’t Know.

17 Patients rated their overall experience as Very Good with 3 describing their experience as Good, 1 patient describing their experience as Neither Good nor Poor and 1 patient as Very Poor

We also would like to thank our patients kind and affirming comments on the forms which allow patients to add more detail. Please see below for a selection of patient comments:

‘Nurses I have seen treated me as an individual rather than just another patient’

‘Very kind and caring nurse’

‘Kevin was an absolute superstar with my 13 year old’

‘Prompt service from 1st phone call’

‘Prompt reply and help’

The only negative response we had was around how many issues patient can discuss in their 10 minute window during appointments, our policy is one issue per appointment, if multiple unrelated issues need to be discussed these should be booked as separate or double appointments.

Kind Regards

Eldene Surgery