NHS Friends & Family results since March 2022

Dear Patients,

At Eldene Surgery we are focused on providing the best patient care possible for our community.

I have collated our recent Friends and Family satisfaction responses which have been hugely positive. I would like to thank all our patients who took the time to complete a form for us.

Since March 2022 we have received 31 patient responses rating their overall patient experience at Eldene Surgery. Possible responses are Very Good, Good, Neither Good Nor Poor, Poor, Very Poor or Don’t Know.

13 Patients rated their overall experience as Very Good with the remaining 18 describing their experience as Good.

We also would like to thank you for your kind and affirming comments on the forms which allow patients to add more detail. Please see below for a selection of patient comments:

‘Ruth is great, very efficient’

‘Good service, always get to see GP’s/Nurse/Midwives on time, thank you’

‘Nurses’s always do a great job’

‘Friendly staff as always’

‘Much improved since the new regime’

‘Massive improvement in getting appointments and actually being able to get through on the phone’

‘Have only had good experiences in the last two months’

‘Brilliant with my autistic daughter’

Naturally we will continue working hard to ensure that Eldene Surgery remains worthy of such high praise.

Kind Regards

Eldene Surgery